The electric system serves customers within and, to a limited extent outside the corporate boundaries of the City. Power is distributed to customers through a City-owned distribution system.

West Memphis Utilities working on lines

Underground Services

The contractor installs PVC pipe schedule 80 from transformer pad to riser pole. If the pole is on the side of the street or where the pole can be damaged by a vehicle or by other means, the contractor will have to install galvanized pipe and weather head. All Ninety degree (90%) sweeps are to be galvanized and a pull string in the pipe.

The contractor also has to provide the transformer pad for the transformer. A design will be provided in the packet. The contractor will be responsible for lugs that are installed to the paddles of the secondary at the transformer and make the connection on the secondary side. 

The Utility will install and supply the primary hot voltage wire for the entire run at a cost determined by the utility, based on wire size and will make the connections at both ends. The padmount transformer will have the CT in the secondary side of the transformer. The Meter base will be on the outside of the secondary side of the transformer.

Photo Gallery

View images of electricial employees performing daily duties in the City of West Memphis.