District Court

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West Memphis District Courthouse

It's been amazing to see the progress on the District Court courthouse project. 

The all-new courthouse building was designed and built in partnership with The P3 Group and CORE Construction, Inc., the #2 Public Safety Builder according to ENR Magazine. With their years of experience and a passion for serving those that dedicate their lives to public service, city leaders worked closely with CORE construction to ensure greater safety and accessibility for our staff and visitors to the facility. 

West Memphis District Courthouse ribbon cutting

The new Courthouse features a much larger courtroom, improved access that is safe for both visitors and employees, including larger more secure holding cells and transportation areas, judge's chambers, jury rooms with secure entrances, public counters, administrative offices, and over 4,000 square foot of additional filing storage space. 

The Mission of the Municipal Court is to provide an accessible legal forum for individuals to have their court matters heard in a fair and efficient manner, while providing a high level of integrity, professionalism and customer service.