West Memphis Police Department officers enjoy the following benefits, in addition to paid vacation and sick leave.

  • Bereavement leave
  • Health, dental, and life insurance
  • Paid holidays (11 each year)
  • Paid overtime or comp-time
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Public Safety Retirement Program (Arkansas Local Police and Fire Retirement System)

Paid Vacation

Years of ServiceWeeks of Paid Vacation 
After 1st year up to 15 years3 weeks
15 to 20 years4 weeks
20 to 30 years5 weeks
Over 30 years6 weeks

Paid Sick Leave

Years of ServiceDays of Paid Sick Leave
After 1st year20 days per year

Additional Benefits

The City of West Memphis also offers to each employee:

  • Additional insurance offerings, including:
    • Accident injury insurance
    • Additional sickness
    • Dependent insurance coverage
    • Vision insurance
  • Deferred Compensation (457K)